1st mobility

2nd mobility

3rd mobility

The subject of the Croatian school was its cultural heritage and preservation. Therefore, the pupils of this school, in order to get to know the cultural heritage of their place, used Science after special study of the flora of the area, Technology through which historical monuments were analyzed while designing electronic monuments. the traditional ‘Mandala’ of Engineering where objects were made that depicted places and people symbolizing the cultural heritage of the place, Art, as a theatrical act was represented I was referring to the science and culture, and the Maths that are needed to understand and apply all of the above. All of these techniques and methods were introduced by teachers through the ERASMUS + KA2 program, who understood new practices that transmit information and promote it in an innovative way. The purpose of this move is, of course, to apply these methods to the school and disseminate it to the local community. Interacting with teachers from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Croatia of course prepares teachers but mainly benefits our school students, as the effort to move from the old to the new, from the traditional to the modern, from the usual to the innovation becomes even more intense and synchronized with new social and cultural contexts.

4th mobility

5th mobility

From 03-07 / 10/2021 (17) teachers from Belgium, the Canary Islands, and Croatia went to Greece and the Greek team had the pleasure to host them . They took part in a three-day hospitality-work program in the facilities of the School, which was organized and implemented by the teachers: Mina Vlachaki, Tina Giannakea, Katerina Gousi, Anthi Kaipanou, Costa Kottaridis, Elias Markaki, Vassilis Michalopoulos, , Vasiliki Tseliou, George Christakis, and with the support and help of all other teachers of the school. They attended classes and worked in groups in laboratories related to Physics, Geography, Art, Digital tools, Technology, Robotics and Ancient Greek technology. They toured the school premises, visited museums and archeological sites of Kalamata and Ancient Olympia, had fun, played games, danced, tasted local delicacies and got a taste of our country and culture.

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From the 24/10/2021 – 29/10/2021 there was a different kind of mobility due to Covid -19 – some days were done in Italy by the Belgium and Spanish schools and the last days were done virtually by the Greek , Croatian and Italian schools as they could not travel or come into contact with others due to restrictions. The Physical activities were:

  • Workshop: Ozzobots around the world
  • Workshop The Cave of the labyrinth
  • Workshop We create sensors with Makey Makey
  • Workshop: Augmented Reality
  • Workshop: Lego WeDo: Robust structures

The Online activities were:

  • Workshop Greenhouse maintenance system model
  • Workshop Volcanos
  • Workshop Picasso Faces

The participants of the physical activities were students from GO! BS De Kleine Geuzen - Jette, students from GO! BS UNESCO and students from a Spanish school in Gran Canaria. The pupils all tried to conduct the workshops in English the best they could but everyone had fun working with their peers. The online workshops were organized and followed by the Italian(Instituto Comprensivo di Loreto Aprutino), Croatian (Osnova Skola Jagode Truhelke) and Greek (Ekpedeftiria Bouga)students and educators. Even though they were not able to travel due to restrictions it was great that could at least take part in this way . Everyone had a great time doing the workshops. All activities were structured in the same way. Each partner incorporated the content they were responsible for within the project into a workshop. They presented it physically or online, and then the other partners conducted the workshop. This mobility was the end of a great co-operation in which we learnt a lot , met new people and exchanged good practices and ideas!

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