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3rd mobility

The subject of the Croatian school was its cultural heritage and preservation. Therefore, the pupils of this school, in order to get to know the cultural heritage of their place, used Science after special study of the flora of the area, Technology through which historical monuments were analyzed while designing electronic monuments. the traditional ‘Mandala’ of Engineering where objects were made that depicted places and people symbolizing the cultural heritage of the place, Art, as a theatrical act was represented I was referring to the science and culture, and the Maths that are needed to understand and apply all of the above. All of these techniques and methods were introduced by teachers through the ERASMUS + KA2 program, who understood new practices that transmit information and promote it in an innovative way. The purpose of this move is, of course, to apply these methods to the school and disseminate it to the local community. Interacting with teachers from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Croatia of course prepares teachers but mainly benefits our school students, as the effort to move from the old to the new, from the traditional to the modern, from the usual to the innovation becomes even more intense and synchronized with new social and cultural contexts.

We will work by emphasising on linking the Sciences, in education and science. By introducing technology in teaching and its exportation from the laboratory, we will study the Ancient Greek technology and the connection between all the Sciences which had to do with its creation. These Sciences are :

  • Humanities, which make up the background in which the technological phenomenon developed.
  • Natural Sciences, like Physics
  • Maths
  • Technology Science, like Chemistry.

Ekpedeftiria Bouga aims to introduce innovative teaching methods in the classroom and modernization media keeping pace with the modern European requirements. Our goal is to prepare students for their entry into the new European contexts both in education and in the labor market. With innovation as our goal in combination with our active work on Robotics and STEM programs, we believe that participation in the project will work positively for us as well as for the other participating schools, since the knowledge that we already have on STEAM issues will diffuse and will contribute to the innovation and development of our project and will further evolve from the knowledge and experience we will get from our partners. We will ensure innovation at local and national level through the dissemination of the result.